School of Spiritual Healing and Prophecy

Spiritual Insight Training™ Part 2

**** In 2023 we are offering Spiritual Insight Training 1 and 2 as a Combined Training****
3 opportunities to attend in 2023!
SPRING: April 20-23,  SUMMER: July 20-23 or August 24-27

The Next Step

You’ve experienced Spiritual Insight Part I. You know what is possible! Join us for Part II as you take this important next step.

Refine your perceptions

You will experience higher levels in the development of your spiritual insight abilities through the refinement of your perceptions. These perceptions, originating beyond your conscious awareness, become ever more accurate once you learn how to trust and work with them consciously.

Explore & experience new depths

  • Profoundly deeper levels of meditation
  • Powerful new levels of your healing gifts
  • Fine-tuning of your spiritual perceptions
  • More tools for working with the messages you receive
  • Accessing past life information
  • Learn the mechanics of consciousness
  • Learn highly effective methods to communicate Spirit messages

Gain new insight

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned student, you will gain remarkable new insights as you continue to develop your spiritual gifts. As with Spiritual Insight Training I, this weekend will be highly experiential. Enrollment is limited to ensure individual attention. In preparation for this intensive weekend you are asked to commit to regular practice of meditation prior to attending. If you have questions concerning this prerequisite, please call and talk with us.

Completion of Spiritual Insight Training Parts I and II are prerequisites to being considered for entrance to the School of Spiritual Healing and Prophecy.

What Participants Have Said…

“During Part 2 of Spiritual Insight Training, the encouragement and support of the instructors and mentors created an atmosphere where I felt safe to explore and discover. The deeper meditations, expanded use of healing energy, and personal experience of giving messages combined to create growth and new understanding for me.” – Mary Czapar

“If you had to choose to take one class, then Spiritual Insight Training is a must. Taking this class gave me a new clarity. While it may not be everyone’s path to be a medium, going through life without access to one’s intuition is like driving through life with a blindfold on. As you continue to do inner work and unlock the spiritual gifts that in fact all of us have by divine right, we go from driving blind to driving with a navigation system. It is a night and day difference.” – William Setala, BS

“No matter how many events I’ve had the pleasure to attend at Fellowships of the Spirit, I always know a few things are guaranteed to happen: There will be several wonderful sparks of insight – powerful “light bulb” moments – in which I recognize and tap into gifts and abilities that I’ve always felt were inside, providing me with the keys to unlocking that “inner knowing.” – Bill Sklodowski