Weekly On-site

Sunday Worship Service
Begins at 6:00pm

Lakeside Learning Center
282 Dale Drive, Cassadaga, New York 14718

Weekly On-site Sunday Worship Service

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Our new “Vespers service” is shorter than the traditional services of the past.  This intimate time of personal reflection and sharing your joys and concerns helps you bring closure to the past week while setting a tone for the days ahead.

The service includes meditation, prayer, inspirational guest speakers, songs, and a healing experience.  The Vespers services focus your attention on various themes. We kicked off our new services with the theme “Renewal” and followed with additional themes such as Forgiveness and Gratitude over the summer months.

Following the worship service, we enjoy time to socialize and over light refreshments.

Love Offerings are appreciated and can be given here: https://www.fellowshipsspirit.org/support/

Renewal Message Part 1: Prophecy

Renewal Message Part 2: Individuals

Renewal Message Part 3: Underpinnings

Forgiveness Message: Part 1

Forgiveness Message: Part 2

Forgiveness Message: Part 3

Gratitude Message: Part 1

Gratitude Message: Part 2Speaker: Terry Skura

Gratitude Message: Part 3Speaker: Rev. Penelope Emmons

Gratitude Message: Part 4Speaker: Rev. Ed Williams

Gratitude Message: Part 5Speaker: Rev. Mark Thomas

Compassion Message: Part 1Speaker: Rev. Nancy Lombardo

Compassion Message: Part 2Speaker: Charles Emmons, PhD.

Compassion Message: Part 3 – Speaker: Rev. Michelle Paterniti

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