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Collecting Donations for Family of Six

A little bit can go a long way - Fellowships of the Spirit
We are raising donation funds for a local family of six, whose home was destroyed in a recent fire. The donations collected will be used to purchase Walmart and Home Depot gift cards for the family. 

The couple has 4 children.

  • Ava – 11 years old
  • Carter – 5 years old
  • Cory – 2 years old 
  • and a newborn daughter, Lexi

The infant was born prematurely, and the parents have been back and forth to the hospital due to the baby’s health issues. They are off work due to maternity and caring for their children and trying to put together a place to live. They are currently homeless but have found a trailer to purchase and are working on that.

They are in dire need of bedroom furniture for the children, beds, dressers, mattresses. At this time, they are in need a crib for the baby who is currently sleeping in a portable pack and play. If anyone has bedroom furniture that they can donate for the kids that would be great as well. Please contact the office: 716-595-2159 and speak with Cat.


Monetary donations for the family can be made on our website here.

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Send a check or money order:
Fellowships of the Spirit, PO Box 252, Lily Dale, NY 14752.
Please put in the memo line that it is for the Stockon Fire Family Donation.