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School of Spiritual Healing and Prophecy

Graduation and Beyond

SSHP-Graduation&Beyond01-14Since 1989 we have been blessed with students from all over the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. They have come from almost every walk of life, bringing their diverse backgrounds, skills and gifts. Whether the student is new to this field of study or a seasoned professional medium or healer, our teaching model has consistently provided the opportunity for each student to unfold and grow to their own “next levels”. Our students graduate from the School of Spiritual Healing and Prophecy with a wealth of practical knowledge, a new depth and breadth of spiritual awareness, and the fruits of in-depth training.

Some have established their own churches and now serve as pastors in their communities. Fellowships of the Spirit is a federally recognized 501(c)3 religious corporation. All ordained ministers of our Church are therefore legally entitled to full rights of clergy, in accordance with the laws of each state or province in the United States and Canada and may perform all the traditional functions and sacramental duties of clergy.

Many of our other graduates work as professional mediums, spiritual healers, counselors and teachers. Other graduates serve in private practices, assist in hospitals and hospice facilities, and partner with other holistic practitioners such as naturopaths to provide integrated body-mind-spirit services. Currently more than 35% of the registered mediums in Lily Dale Assembly are graduates of our School.

SSHP-Graduation&Beyond-2014However, the majority of our graduates choose not to use their spiritual training as an end in itself, but rather as a means to enhance and enrich the life path they have already chosen. Our graduates work in almost every walk of life imaginable: they include teachers, lawyers, truck drivers, doctors, musicians, nurses, hairdressers, artists, retailers, law enforcement and construction workers, just to name a few. All of them have found that they can use the insights and experience of attending this School to guide them and illuminate the work they feel best suited to perform. And, ultimately, that is what we desire for all our graduates.

At Fellowships of the Spirit our purpose is to provide people with environments in which they can discover and nourish the reality of their relationship with God, and use that relationship to help them in whatever they do, and in whatever they aspire to do. We invite you to join us in…

A place your soul can call home.