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Spiritual Insight Training!! – More Details from Elaine!

Angie and Elaine talk about Spiritual Insight Training

You won’t want to miss this interview with our Co-founder and Director, Elaine Thomas!

This past Friday, July 30th Elaine shared conversation and stories with Angie Hewett Abt that included how the Spiritual Insight Trainings™ came to be and how these educational retreats have impacted the people who attend. You’ll hear powerful healing testimonies and assorted experiences, including the youngest person who has attended, as well as Angie’s own experience with the trainings. Further information about the format of the weekend experience is covered in the clip included here on YouTube.

Join Us for In-person Combined Spiritual Insight Training™ – Part I & II  August 19-22 or September 9-12, 2021!  LEARN MORE >>