Fellowships of the Spirit is a center for spiritual development and self-discovery.

We teach meditation, mediumship and spiritual healing. We also provide workshops and online training programs in related subjects and spiritual studies for students at all levels of development from beginners to seasoned professionals.

Our mission is to help people recognize and develop the psychic and intuitive gifts of Spirit that we all have deep within us, and then use those gifts to move forward in their lives with greater clarity, purpose and  empowerment.

Special Events Coming Up

Our Full 2023 Programming Schedule will be released soon!

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Whether you wish to strengthen your existing gifts of healing and mediumship, learn to meditate, explore new knowledge and skills, or just come and relax and renew your spirit, our exceptional instructors are here for you. We invite you to look through our offerings and join us for whichever programs feel right for you!

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Every year we invite some of the world’s most respected and effective teachers of spiritual studies…
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Elaine Schools - Fellowships of the Spirit


School of Spiritual Healing and Prophecy A comprehensive two-year certification course in spiritual enrichment Self-discovery is…
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For over thirty years, Fellowships has brought unique healing, spiritual awareness, a sense of purpose and…
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