Mythology, Sacred Space & Ancient Teachings

SigLonegren Sig Lonegren, M.A. Emeritus Sig is an international author, teacher, and researcher of ancient sacred sites and an authority on the use of dowsing and labyrinths for intuitional problem-solving. He blends mythology and wisdom of the ancients from around the world to enrich our experience of the world today. Sig is a Trustee Emeritus of the American Society of Dowsers and headed their Dowsing School for several years. He is the author of Spiritual Dowsing, The Pendulum Kit, and Labyrinths: Ancient Myths and Modern Uses. He founded a school for the Construction and Uses of Sacred Space in Vermont. He is an ordained Fellowships minister, and presently lives in Glastonbury, England, where he continues his writing and cyberspace ministry.