Library and Archives

Mission Statement

Fellowships of the Spirit’s Lakeside Learning Center’s mission is to help people recognize and develop the spiritual, psychic and intuitive gifts that all people have deep within themselves through its two-year educational program for ministers and metaphysicians, as well as through its ongoing workshops and online training programs for beginners to seasoned professionals.

Fellowships of the Spirit's Library and Archives - Cassadaga, NY

The Library and Archives supports Fellowship of the Spirit’s Lakeside Learning Center’s educational mission and provides secure space and access to both circulating and non-circulating materials to enhance the learning experience of students, as well as researchers and general library users. As part of the historically rich spiritual religious movements in New York during the early 19th century it is our responsibility to ensure that this information is maintained and preserved for future generations.

The collection currently includes thousands of books covering many subjects in metaphysical science, spiritualism, healing and religion including some rare, limited editions and first editions of some material. There are currently 1200 audio­-visual materials spanning decades of the center’s educational seminars, class projects and papers written by the graduates of the program over the last 34 years and numerous journals dating back to 1941.

Fellowships of the Spirit's Library and Archives - Cassadaga, NY

The mission of the Library and Archives is to acquire, preserve, and share information regarding spiritualism, religion, healing, metaphysical science and the history of Fellowships of the Spirit Lakeside Learning Center.


Vision Statement

To preserve relevant and/or irreplaceable materials regarding spiritual and metaphysical subject matter. To be able to offer this material to anyone seeking more knowledge in this field.


Values Statement

*To preserve and acquire significant metaphysical material

*To provide educational access

*To embrace opportunities to reach a wider, more diverse patron base

Fellowships of the Spirit's Library and Archives - Cassadaga, NY