First Year School 2018 - Fellowships of the Spirit

First Year Program

School of Spiritual Healing and Prophecy

Last updated 8/28/2022


The first-year program consists of both in person and live online training. Instruction will include group and personalized individual instruction, provided by our Directors, Instructors and Mentor staff. This program begins in October and ends in May of the following calendar year.

Between these classes, students are expected to put into practice and integrate what they have learned. This includes a regular meditation practice, as well as documented readings and healings. During the two years, each student is assisted by a Fellowships-trained mentor, as well as the directors and faculty. The training format provides both small and large group instruction, as well as individual attention to each student’s unique needs and abilities.

At the end of year one, students will be able to demonstrate sufficient competence in spiritual healing and prophecy to have earned Certification.

Ministry Option

Students who wish to apply for Ordination must do so in writing during the first year of training. They will be interviewed by a review board as part of their evaluation and acceptance process. Successful candidates will be ordained as Associate Ministers at the end to the first year, which is good for one year and full ordination in a ceremony conducted at the end of the second year.

Who can apply to the School and its training program?

Anyone who has completed Spiritual Insight Training Parts I and II may apply. As a part of the application process, we will ask you to prayerfully consider your reasons for entering this training. A completed application form and interview will be required.

Training Dates

Note: Classes that begin Thursday or Friday, will start at 7:30pm. Classes end Sunday at 11am, unless stated below. Lunch Break 12:30-2pm on full days.


  • October 14-19  Fri night – Wed. 1pm – 6pm (in person)
  • November 11-13 Fri night – Sun (in person)
  • December 3-4  Sat & Sun 9am-5pm (live online Zoom)


  • February 11 & 12  Sat & Sun 9am-5pm (live online Zoom)
  • March 11 & 12  Sat & Sun 9am-5pm (live online Zoom)
  • April 14 – 16  Fri – Sun, Sat 9am-5pm (in person)
  • May 11 – 14  Thurs – Sun (in person)

Graduation Certification Ceremony and optional Associate Minister Ordination will be on Saturday, May 13, 2023, 7pm


Tuition Includes 19 days of instruction. Lunch included on in-person full days of training at the Lakeside Learning Center. Lodging is not included.

If the tuition is paid in installments the total is $3,900. You can save $150 by making one payment of $3,750 before October 1, 2022.  Make your payments here

Contact the School at:
School of Spiritual Healing and Prophecy
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or phone (716) 595-2159 or fax (716) 595-2127
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