Spiritual Studies

Rocco2016 Dr. Rocco A. Errico, Ph.D, Th.D is the founder and president of the Noohra Foundation of Smyrna, GA. Dr. Errico is an ordained Unity minister, lecturer, author, Bible authority, translator, Aramaic instructor, educator and spiritual counselor. He is a gifted and brilliant teacher and author and is one of the most dynamic and sought-after speakers. He offers keys which unlock mystical and metaphysical meanings in Scripture. Dr. Errico’s books include: And There Was Light, Setting a Trap for God: The Aramaic Prayer of Jesus, Let There Be Light: The Seven Keys, The Mysteries of Creation: The Genesis Story, The Message of Mathew, 7 volume set on Aramaic Light on the New Testament, The Aramaic Light on Genesis.

Donovan_100 Rev. Penny Donovan, D.D., Emeritus has been a naturally gifted channel since childhood. After being ordained in 1960 by Rev. Edith Sandy Wendling, she founded the Trinity Temple of the Holy Spirit Church in Albany, NY, where she served as Pastor for 39 years. She is the author of several books on spirituality and is currently working on another book. Penny resides in Albany, NY, and travels extensively with her teaching schedule. www.sacredgardenfellowship.org

Rev. Ronald Skowronski is a sought-after speaker and teacher at Lily Dale for over 30 years. By age 18 Ron was immersed in Spiritualism, and at 25 he was the youngest ordained Spiritualist minister in the National Spiritualist Association of Churches and pastored Plymouth Spiritualist Church in Rochester, NY, from 1980-1990. Long noted as an authority on Spiritualism, he is also a humorist and social activist. In 1991, he became an ordained minister with United Church of Religious Science and teaches Science of Mind. He is dedicated to working for a world “that works for everybody.”