Introducing Weeknights at the Lake!

All Weeknights at the Lake programming will be in person at our
Lakeside Learning Center  282 Dale Drive  Cassadaga, NY 14718.
Pre-registration not needed for most events – just drop-in and pay at the door! *
Whether you arrive early, or stay after class for the meet-up with like-minded people,
we invite you to enjoy the beautiful view of the Cassadaga Lakes!

Please join us when you can!

Michelle Paterniti

Intuitive Development CircleWeeklyIntuitive ToolsWeeknights At The Lake

This development circle is a safe and supportive space where participants can share their experiences, learn from one another, and grow in their spirituality. Activities include meditation, discussion of spiritual topics and intuitive development. All welcome. ...
07 Jun
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
Fellowships of the Spirit
282 Dale Dr Cassadaga NY 14718
  • Michelle Paterniti
$20 per session or pre-pay for all 16 sessions for $280
Don Scott Qigong Instructor

Qigong with Don ScottRepeating EventHealing: Mind-Body-SpiritWeeknights At The Lake

You will empower and harmonize the three energy centers which regulate your capacity for love, wisdom, and vitality. These three centers or Dantians hold vast amounts of Qi and when harmonized, childlike inner joy and happiness springs forth. Come play in our group sessions as part of our Weeknights at the Lake! ...
08 Jun - 17 Aug
7:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Fellowships of the Spirit
282 Dale Dr Cassadaga NY 14718
  • Don Scott
Nancy Lombardo - Fellowships of the Spirit

Gentle Yoga & MeditationRepeating EventHealing: Mind-Body-SpiritWeeknights At The Lake

An all-level gentle yoga practice-connecting mind, body and spirit. Set to music, this funshop will invigorate your entire body. Ending with a guided meditation, you will leave feeling relaxed, while deepening your self-awareness and connection to the divine. Mats provided if needed. ...
13 Jun
5:30 pm - 6:15 pm
Fellowships of the Spirit
282 Dale Dr Cassadaga NY 14718
  • Nancy Lombardo
$10 per session drop in, or pre-register for all 12 sessions for $95
Gail Lynn - Fellowships of Spirit Instructor

Sound Bowl Healing MeditationsRepeating EventHealing: Mind-Body-SpiritWeeknights At The Lake

Scientific studies demonstrate that sound produces changes in the autonomic, immune, and endocrine system. You can assist healing for yourself and others through sounds and their vibrational energy. Each week you may experience a slightly different session, combining prayer, meditation, and sound. You may bring a yoga mat or blanket, writing journal, and a water bottle. ...
29 Jun
7:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Fellowships of the Spirit
282 Dale Dr Cassadaga NY 14718
  • Gail Lynn
$25 per session drop-in, or pre-register for all 7 sessions for $150
Roseanne Script

Meditation for FamiliesGraduate Continuing EducationHealing: Mind-Body-SpiritWeeknights At The Lake

In this interactive course, children and their attending family members will learn the basics of relaxation and meditation using time tested techniques of breathing and visualization that really works. Experience the natural bonding of your family as you learn to relax & observe rather than react. Use presented techniques at home to continue and deepen your mindfulness practice. ...
03 Aug
6:30 pm - 8:00 pm
Online via Zoom or In Person
  • Roseanne Script
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* Pre-Registration is available for Meditation for Families