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Vibrational Medicine

Vibrational Medicine - Patti Conklin


In this class, we will learn what exactly is Vibrational Medicine, everything in existence has a vibrational pattern. The use of colors is the use of vibration. Each color has a specific vibration,
you will learn a few examples (i.e. Green is 250 – 475 Hz) how to listen to these colors and the response your body has to each vibration.

Everything in existence has an energy, we will dive deep into the purpose of energy, how it affects our lives, and what is the vibration of energy. The vibration of energy affects illness and
disease, learning how to work with the vibration of colors throughout our body to heal.

My process involves work within the Subtle Energy Field, which is your immune system, working within your cellular structure. Every word you speak travels down the complex veins of your Subtle Energy Field and stored within your cells. These affect our whole body leading to illness and diseases.

This is a class full of information and hands-on experience with many of the tools that I use in all my healing for my clients and even some homework! You will be introduced to ColorWorks
and ToneWorks and Cellular Cleansing, a process I created in the early 1990’s.We will work on fine tuning all the healing modalities to add to your toolbox. This includes learning when
vibrational medicine is appropriate or not and respecting the process. You have to learn to believe in yourself and your abilities and trust what you hear and feel.

Dates & Times

Saturday, August 24 – Sunday, August 25, 2024


$289.00 per person
$250.00 Early Bird until 8/17


Attend LIVE Online via Zoom or In-Person
Fellowships of the Spirit Lakeside Learning Center
282 Dale Drive Cassadaga, NY 14718

About the Instructor

I’m Patti Conklin, a vibrational mediator, energy healer, author, and global advocate for holistic wellness. With over 28 years of experience, I’ve embarked on a journey that spans 60+ countries, touching countless lives by seamlessly blending energy medicine with contemporary approaches. In my many years of work, I have worked with clients through the many modalities. I have created vibrational healing, ColorWorks, ToneWorks, and my most influential holistic healing, Cellular Cleansings. I give my clients a renewed sense of vitality and health.

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Vibrational Medicine
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Aug 24 - 25 2024


All Day


$289.00 per person; $250 Early Bird until 8/17


Online via Zoom or In Person


Patti Conklin
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