Dr. Ryan Gauthier - Fellowships of the Spirit Instructor

Ancient Wisdom in Modern Healing

Ancient Wisdom in Modern Healing with Dr. Ryan Gauthier

This course will broaden the knowledge and skills of anyone interested in energy healing by teaching practical ways to combine ancient wisdom about meridians, chakras, and energy flow in your healing practice.  Dr. Gauthier will teach you how to simplify Asian medicine and use it in Spiritualist style spiritual healing.

Develop your skills with:

  • A comprehensive overview of chakras and meridians
  • Understanding of energy flow in the body
  • Visualization and intuition to see and feel the energy centers of the body
  • Amp up your healing efforts by learning new healing techniques  utilizing chakras, meridians and more
  • Gain confidence in combining this knowledge with your wise intuition when doing hands-on healing

Topics Covered:

  • Brief history of Chakras and meridians and how they fit into Ayureveda and Chinese medicine
  • Locations of the 7 chakras and 12 major meridians and 2 extra meridians in the human body
  • How to use the chakras in meditation personally and with clients
  • Multiple hands on, energy healing techniques utilizing the chakras and meridians

Students will walk away with with a strong understanding of the chakras and meridians and will be able to utilize this information in hands-on spiritualist style healing.  They also will be able to demonstrate practical application of the healing techniques learned in the class.

Interview Segment with Dr. Ryan Gauthier

This segment of Spiritual Discoveries with Angie and Friends (Lily Dale BlogTalk Radio) originally aired 6.9.23.

Date & Time

Sat. June 24, 2023
10am – 5pm EST


$95 until 6/17
$125 after 6/17


Attend In-Person Only

Fellowships of the Spirit Lakeside Learning Center
282 Dale Drive Cassadaga, NY 14718

About the Instructor

Reverend, Doctor Mehmandoost-Gauthier, DAOM, MS, LAc, LMT has over 20 years of experience in natural medicine and the healing arts. He holds both a masters and a doctorate in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. He additionally has a masters in integrative healthcare leadership. Dr Gauthier is a Licensed acupuncturist and massage therapist, a registered yoga teacher, clinical hypnotherapist, and Reiki master teacher.

Ordained through Fellowships of the Spirit’s School of Spiritual Healing and Prophecy. Doctor Gauthier runs the integrative medicine program for a large health system in Metro Detroit. He blends his years of experience and education in a down to earth approach to teaching.


Jun 24 2023


10:00 am - 5:00 pm


$95 until 6/17 --- $125 after 6/17


Fellowships of the Spirit
Fellowships of the Spirit
282 Dale Dr Cassadaga NY 14718


Dr. Ryan Gauthier
Dr. Ryan Gauthier