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School of Spiritual Healing and Prophecy

A comprehensive two-year certification course
in spiritual enrichment

Self-discovery is the key

If you believe the next step in your spiritual development could include a firm commitment to profound spiritual discovery and to the joy of living your spiritual truths in an everyday, practical way, then this School is for you. In this concentrated two-year Certification Program, we bring together a world-class faculty of instructors representing many different spiritual disciplines. They will teach you all the skills you’ll need to demonstrate the capabilities you see listed here.

Our teaching approach is rooted in deep meditation and spiritual healing approaches that will move you through and beyond your mediumship and psychic abilities into the realm of actual prophecy. The unique Live Learning™‚ process that we developed to teach our Spiritual Insight Training™ programs – (and that we are continually evolving) – keeps us on the cutting edge of body-mind-spirit integration and will enable you to absorb large amounts of material in short periods of time, while simultaneously capturing and distilling the essence of what our faculty has to teach you.

Our weekend and week-long retreats provide a distraction-free environment in which you will be able to awaken your awareness, “and experience new spiritual capabilities in a way that stimulates growth on all levels of life simultaneously, and frequently produces reactions of both joy and wonder from our students – and also from their teachers!

By sharing our your discoveries with one another you will accelerate the pace of your inner awakening, and through this process of discovery you will be brought into a new awareness and a deeper understanding of both yourself and other people. You will also learn to use these techniques in practical applications every day, from this point forward in your life.


Our aim is that every graduate of this program be able to confidently and competently demonstrate the following abilities:

  1. Reach deep levels of inner peace through meditation.
  2. Use multiple approaches to directly conduct effective spiritual healing.
  3. Demonstrate accurate prophetic and spirit communication messages by means of clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience, and thereby assist others in both spiritual and mundane matters.
  4. Experience spiritual direction by harmoniously aligning inner states of mind and outer activities.
  5. Create ceremonies and sacred space for healing and worship.
  6. Organize and conduct development circles and workshops in meditation and healing.
  7. Use Live Learning™ concepts, as desired, in all aspects of your lives.

Our students come from diverse religious and spiritual walks and we believe each person’s spiritual calling is unique and personal. Graduates of our program apply these learnings in all aspects of their lives.

We offer two options for students who successfully complete their training and graduate form the School of Spiritual Healing and Prophecy: A Certification of  Completion and/or Ministerial Ordination. Ministerial Ordination includes both.

Schools of Spiritual Healing and Prophecy