Brad Young

The Art of Dowsing for Personal Growth and Spiritual Support

The Art of Dowsing for Personal Growth and Spiritual Support Class Online and In Person with Brad Young at Fellowships of the Spirit
Did you know that humans have the ability to use a forked stick to find water? That skill is called dowsing and it has been used for thousands of years. But dowsing is far more than forked sticks and water, it can be used for finding minerals, lost items, and even ghosts. It can be used in healing, for personal insight, and spiritual growth. Come and experience the art of dowsing from the basics through advanced skills and learn how dowsing can enhance your daily life.

This class provides all of the information you need to become an excellent dowser covering the basics and beyond. We will cover the basics of creating your own tools, how to use them for best results, techniques for developing consistency, and  hands-on practice. When you have the basics down, we will move on to healing techniques, transition  beyond the tools, and then beyond line of sight. In the final section of the class we will explore remote dowsing, map dowsing, and house clearing techniques.

This is a fun, interactive, hands-on class that will help you develop your natural dowsing ability and explore how dowsing can be used to enhance your life.

Topics Covered

  • What dowsing is and the tools used. How to make your own dowsing tools and use them for best results.
  • Discovering many of the ways dowsing has been used and encouragement to explore how dowsing may enhance your life.
  • Practice with line dowsing, healing, lost objects, beyond line of site, and map dowsing.
  • Additional instruction on working with energies and house clearing.


  • A solid understanding of dowsing, and personal experience using the tools.
  • A solid understanding of many of the ways dowsing can be used. With this information you can begin to use dowsing for your own personal growth and spiritual development.
  • Anyone can learn dowsing, it is a natural human ability.
  • Dowsing can help you develop intuition, provide insights, and enhance personal growth.

Date & Time

Sat. June 17, 2023
10am – 5pm EST


$95 until 6/10
$125 after 6/10


In Person
Fellowships of the Spirit Lakeside Learning Center
282 Dale Drive Cassadaga, NY 14718

About the Instructor

Rev. Brad Young, MS, LCMHC, CHT First began dowsing in 1999. Trained in basic and advanced dowsing through ASD (The American Society of Dowsers). Later he became an instructor for ASD and co-taught their basic school for three years during the annual convention. Brad is a graduate of Fellowships of the Spirit ordination program and continues to provide instruction in basic and advanced dowsing for new students seeking ordination.

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The Art of Dowsing
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Online via Zoom or In Person Workshop: Sat. June 17, 2023 10am-5pm. TUITION: $95 Early Registration until 6/10. $125 Registration fee after 6/10.

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Jun 17, 2023 EDT


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Online via Zoom or In Person
Brad Young


Brad Young
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