5 Ways to Raise Your Vibration Every Day

Have you ever felt too tired to do the things you WANT to do (as well as those things you HAVE to do)? Have you found yourself trying to come up with creative solutions to a problem, but instead, feel like you are circulating in the high-spin cycle of a washing machine with no end in sight? If so, you’re not alone, but what can you do in those circumstances? In the wise words of Dr. Suess, “un-slumping yourself is not easily done.”

That is why it is so important to know what you can do on a regular basis – every day – to raise your vibration. You know when your vibration is low when you feel hopeless, fearful, angry, depressed, or just “out of it”.  And you also likely know when you are operating on higher vibration when you feel uplifted, “in-tune” with others and your surroundings, aware, and fully present.

As a student of Fellowships of the Spirit’s School of Healing and Prophecy, I know first-hand the importance of keeping my energy in a place that best allows me to serve others and maintain my own physical and spiritual health. It is vital to operate on this higher vibration in order to offer spiritual and energy healing to others, conduct accurate readings, and make heart-to-heart connections with those around you. Raising your vibration will also help you be creative at work, home, and with your interactions with friends, family and all those you connect with throughout your day.

Here are just five ideas for how you can raise your vibration:

1) Fresh Air: This is a plentiful low-cost therapy, close to your home, and available every day. I recently saw a storefront that advertised an oxygen bar, just after I had been hiking in a wooded path for over an hour. During the walk, I thanked the trees for taking all the carbon dioxide I exhaled (and I do lots of exhaling going uphill!) and converting that gas into the oxygen that sustains and energizes me. Walking, biking, gardening or just deep breathing outdoors will help oxygenate your cells and raise your vibration!

2) Appreciation: So much has been written in recent years about the importance of gratitude for our mental and emotional well-being. I was inspired recently when watching the 2018 documentary about Fred Rogers (creator of Mister Rodgers), “Won’t You Be My Neighbor”. At a 2002 Dartmouth college graduation speech, Fred Rogers asked everyone in the audience to take a silent minute to think about those who have helped you become who you are today, whether they are living or in spirit. The expressions on the students’ faces reflected pure gratitude, joy, smiles and…increased vibration. Try it now!

3) Service to Others:  Quite simply, service to others is the key to happiness. Every time you reach out to help someone else, you become more unified with your true nature that is love. When you give from your highest and best self, you receive love. And the result of this love, is that your vibration attains a higher frequency.

4) Exercise: While all exercise may be beneficial, physical exercise that is specifically designed to move energy, can be a great way to raise your vibration. These include Qigong, Yoga, and Tai Chi – with courses, books, and videos available at Fellowships of the Spirit, online, and in many communities.

5) Meditation: As a topic that could (and has) filled volumes, meditation is a profound practice with multiple benefits that include physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual upliftment. There are many ways to meditate ranging from years spent studying Transcendental Meditation to downloading a meditation app on your electronic device for 5-minute sessions.

What are some of your ideas for raising your vibration?

Margit Brazda Poirier, M.S., Associate Metaphysician, is a student at Fellowships of the Spirit’s School of Healing and Prophecy, and has a passion for science and all things seen and unseen.

© 2018 Margit Brazda Poirier


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Feng Shui and the Festivals of Lights

The long-standing tradition of the festivals of lights are a tribute to celebrating all the good things in life and the joy of holiday seasons.  Filling the home with lights, music and hosting families and friends to celebrate is what makes festive occasions so memorable.

With another Holiday season coming around the corner homes, neighborhoods, city squares and parks will be glowing with thousands of twinkling lights and candles, lighting up the night skies at the darkest time of the year.  What would holidays be without the magical effect of twinkling lights? 

The action of twinkling lights turning on and off creates the effect of “new light” being continually generated, warding off the opposing darkness of night with each twinkle.  The result is the creation of happy energy and joyful vibrations to uplift the spirit. 

The ancient art of Feng Shui reveres light as a Yang activator, increasing the cheer and positive energy in the environment.  As a perfect reflection of the Tai Chi of Yin and Yang, the twinkling of lights represents new energy being created and the celestial balance of opposing forces of light and dark in harmony with each other.  One can’t help but feel affected by the positive energy created by the display of contrasting energies in a complementary dance of light. 

Throughout the world with all celebratory occasions, the power of lights has been creatively harnessed in grand displays of glowing triumph to inspire and uplift the senses.  No matter what culture, people naturally understand and celebrate the symbolism of the forces of light winning over darkness.  Many religious traditions, such as the Christians, Hindus or Buddhists have understood the effect of lights in the either the form of candles, lanterns or modern day electrical lighting, to signify offerings to God. 

With light being revered as the manifestation of yang chi, the more and brighter the lights at ceremonies and altars, the greater the spiritual strength and upliftment of the devotees and worshipers.

The magical science of Feng Shui regards twinkling lights as powerfully attracting the energy of good fortune, and as a tool for enhancing business and more customers.  The Chinese have known this for centuries and utilize twinkling lights and Chinese Wealth Trees in their homes and businesses.  It’s known that shopping malls with large Christmas trees and twinkling lights benefit from increased sales by naturally attracting customers, in comparison to trees with stationary lighting.  With each twinkle of light, energy is activating the positive vibration of the premises. 

In the home, twinkling lights offer a warm welcome to friends and family upon entering, lifting moods and increasing harmony, peace and joy.  Any home can benefit from utilizing twinkling lights at all times of the year, and it’s wise to incorporate this beneficial and ancient Feng Shui tool for happy ambience, abundance and good will.

The universal understanding of good is perfectly reflected in grand displays of twinkling lights.  Motivated by nostalgic sentiment, tradition, spiritual upliftment or the knowledge of Feng Shui, many cultures uphold collective ceremonies of lighting millions of lights on certain nights of the year.  So as the festive season approaches around the globe with Winter Solstice, various Religious holidays and New Year’s Eve, remember that a little twinkling lights can go a long way in creating a festive and joyful ambiance.

By Yvonne Phillips FSII

Yvonne can be reached at yvonnep909@gmail.com

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