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Open Seminars

"Master Classes" by world-class teachers; open to all

Open Seminars

Every year we invite some of the world's most respected and effective teachers of spiritual studies to present 'master classes' at our Lakeside Learning Center.


Many of these seminars are also broadcast simultaneously on-line as "Webinars" - (look for the WEB symbol beside the listings) - so if you cannot make the journey to be with us in person, you can also participate by computer in the comfort of your own home. You will be able to communicate with our webmaster throughout the seminar and have your own questions and comments put 'live' to the presenter.

You do not have to have attended any of our "Core Educational Programs" to attend these Seminars; they are open to everyone.

For details of how to register, either in person or as an on-line participant please see the individual Seminars.

2014 Schedule

Friday, October 24 - Sunday, October 26

Medical Intuition - Seeing with an X-Ray Eye
with Tina Zion
Learn one of the newest tools in complimentary health care. See what sophisticated diagnostic exams cannot determine.

Saturday, November 1

What Jesus Believed And Taught (What Is the True Gospel?)
with Rocco Errico Ph.D., Th.D.
There are two messages stemming from the New Testament -- THE KINGDOM OF GOD and THE CROSS. Which of these two messages did Jesus teach? For nearly 2,000 years the gospel of the cross has been, and continues to be, preached all over the world.