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Open Seminars

"Master Classes" by world-class teachers; open to all

Open Seminars

Every year we invite some of the world's most respected and effective teachers of spiritual studies to present 'master classes' at our Lakeside Learning Center.


Many of these seminars are also broadcast simultaneously on-line as "Webinars" - (look for the WEB symbol beside the listings) - so if you cannot make the journey to be with us in person, you can also participate by computer in the comfort of your own home. You will be able to communicate with our webmaster throughout the seminar and have your own questions and comments put 'live' to the presenter.

You do not have to have attended any of our "Core Educational Programs" to attend these Seminars; they are open to everyone.

For details of how to register, either in person or as an on-line participant please see the individual Seminars.

2015 Schedule

Saturday, July 11 - Sunday, July 12

Mediumship and the Akashic Records
with Rev. Bill Coller
Bill's focus in this two day training will be to empower students in 'how to' of accessing information. He will give you multiple ways to develop tools of understanding, so that you will learn flexibility in how to formulate and present information...

July 16 - 19

Spiritual Insight Training I & II Combined
with Rev. Elaine D. Thomas, Rev. Jessie Furst, and Rev. Don Scott
This special retreat combines our Part I and Part II trainings into a comprehensive experience and is now available during the summer season!

Saturday, July 18

Applied Astrology To Enhance Mediumship and Intuition
with Cassandra Butler, b.S.W., M.S., L.M.T.
No knowledge of astrology is necessary to participate; just a willingness to explore the applied wisdom of astrology to your intuitive and mediumistic work!

Sunday, July 19

The Science Behind The Sound
with Rev. Hank Setala
This hands-on healing intensive takes students through a journey bridging the gap between science and metaphysics. The focus will be on how tuning forks, crystals, singing bowls, musical instruments, and your voice can be powerful transformational tools,

Saturday, July 25 - Sunday, July 26

Esoteric Qigong Practice And Group Healing
with Master Robert Peng
This two-day intensive practice is designed to deepen the spiritual insightfulness of each student, in the same way Robert was trained privately, by his Master Xiao Yao in China.

Saturday, July 25

Channel-Writing: Experiencing Conscious Channeling Through Writing
with Reverend Lee Allen Howard, M.A.
Do you wish you could connect with your angels, guides, and higher self and channel their information when you need it? You can!

Sunday, July 26

Exploring Mediumistic Trance States
with Rev. Neal Rzepkowski, M.D.
We will spend the morning exploring aspects of some of the most well-known trance mediums, past and present, such as Edgar Cayce, Esther Hicks (Abraham) and Veronica.

Friday, July 31 - Sunday, August 2

The Spirituality Of Man: A New Paradigm For Living In An Ever-Changing World
A Men's Retreat

with Reverend James Moomaw, M.S.
This workshop will create a flexible paradigm for defining ourselves and making choices from a masculine perspective.

Saturday, August 1

Ancient Vibrational Healing Techniques
with Jill Mattson
Join the fun and "blast from the past," as we journey through antiquity, experiencing sound healing techniques from Lumeria, Atlantis, ancient Greece, Egypt, China and India.

Sunday, August 2

Mediumship Techniques From A Fourth-Generation Medium And World Prophecy For These Changing Times
with Rev. Greg Kehn
Greg will share techniques he has used since childhood and will assist you to tap into your own intuitive connection with your spirit guides and help you to develop ways to open channels of harmony with the spirit world.

Monday, August 3 - Wednesday, August 5

MARI® Mandala Assessment Research Instrument
with Shelley Takei, Ph.D.
This 21 hour course trains participants to explore and experience the dynamics of the mandala. The main focus is on the clinical use of mandala drawings and the MARI® Card Test developed by Joan Kellogg.

Saturday, August 8

Healing With Elementals
with Rev. Tom Cratsley, B.S.
In this highly experiential workshop, participants will learn how to work directly with elementals to support healing and well-being.

Saturday, August 8 - Wednesday, August 12

Build... Strengthen... Achieve
A 5-day Mediumship Intensive And Tutorial Workshop

with Reverends Bill Coller, Elaine Thomas and Sharon Siubis
Become the architect of your own mediumship as you build the key elements of communication, strengthen the areas of dialogue and achieve the best of your individual abilities.

Sunday, August 9

Intuitive Development And Getting To Know Your Spirit Guides
with Reverend Angie Hewett-Abt, B.A.
Would you like to sharpen your intuitive skills and deepen your connection with your higher self and your spirit guides? In this very interactive workshop, Angie will teach you exercises and techniques that will help you.

Saturday, August 15

Admission is FREE! Every year we host day-long, Psychic 'Fun Fest' in the grounds of our Lakeside Center.

Sunday, August 16

Shaman Secrets
with Don Zane Curfman
Don Zane Curfman is a healer, teacher and author, who travels all over the country teaching the Andean spiritual and healing arts.

Sunday, August 16

The Beauty Of Natural Law... How All Of This Works
with Reverend Ron Skowronski
During this one-day seminar, Ron will share some answers to these questions from a Spiritualist understanding of Natural Law.

Monday, August 17 - Friday, August 21

Predictive Tarot: Turning An Ancient Art To Modern Prophecy
with Sharon Anne Klingler
In this dynamic week-long intensive, you will learn how to use Tarot in unique and exciting ways.

Saturday, August 22

Evolutionary Astrology In The Real World
with Steven Forrest
This seminar is a unique opportunity to experience how a master astrologer takes the raw material in a chart, synthesizes the pieces of information, and creates a tool that can empower and bring healing to the life of a client.

Saturday, August 22 - Sunday, August 23, Saturday, August 29 - Sunday, August 30, Wednesday, September 30 - Thursday, October 1, Tuesday, October 20 - Wednesday, October 21

Advanced Mediumship Tutorial... 8 Days Of Personal Training
with Rev. Elaine D. Thomas, M.S.
This series of trainings is for those who have already made a commitment to excellence in your mediumship and intuitive gifts.

Sunday, August 23

Profession--Finding Our Calling In The Birth Chart
with Steven Forrest
In this workshop, you and Steven will take an intensive look at the Tenth House, as it casts light on our calling.

Saturday, August 29

Refining Your Qi And Qigong Healing
with Rev. Don Scott
Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned student, this day is designed for you to comfortably expand and enhance your life force, also known as Qi.

Sunday, August 30

Help For Healing From Edgar Cayce
with Reverend Neal Rzepkowski, M.D.
Full healing includes addressing all aspects of your being. In the first half of the 20th century, Edgar Cayce did this with more than 5,000 people in over 8,000 well-documented readings.

Saturday, September 5 - Sunday, September 6

Discovering And Manifesting Your True North
with Reverend Annie Shibata, Ph.D.
If you are considering moving into something new, desire clarity, are feeling confused, or stuck on your life-path, then this is the workshop for you.

September 18 - 21

Spiritual Insight Training I
with Rev. Elaine D. Thomas, Rev. Jessie Furst, and Rev. Don Scott
If you believe that communication with spirit is only available to a few exceptionally gifted and unusual people - please think again.

September 25 - 27

Spiritual Insight Training I
with Rev. Elaine D. Thomas, Rev. Jessie Furst, and Rev. Don Scott
If you believe that communication with spirit is only available to a few exceptionally gifted and unusual people - please think again.

Friday, October 2 - Sunday, October 4

A Time For Harvesting The Sacred
A Woman's Retreat of Spirit and Faith

with Reverend Barbara Sanson and Reverend Sharon Kestler, M.S., L.P.C., N.C.H.
Join us for a weekend retreat as we gather together in the season of harvest and reflect on life's bounty and the gifts we are gathering.

Friday, October 9 - Monday, October 12

Fundamentals Of Restructuring
with Rev. Tom Cratsley, B.S.
Tom developed this break-though approach to healing to discover and release unconscious resistance patterns and heal them once and for all.

October 16 - 18

Spiritual Insight Training II
with Rev. Elaine D. Thomas, Rev. Jessie Furst, and Rev. Don Scott
You will experience higher levels in the development of your spiritual insight abilities through the refinement of your perceptions.

Fri., October 23 - Sun., October 25

Medical Intuition - Seeing with an X-Ray Eye
with Tina Zion
Learn one of the newest tools in complimentary health care. See what sophisticated diagnostic exams cannot determine.

Monday, October 26

Advanced Medical Intuition Training
with Tina Zion
This advanced class is for individuals who are recently aware of receiving medical intuitive information and for the professional already in practice.

Saturday, November 7

God, Sexuality And The Bible: Body-Sexual Theology
with Rocco Errico Ph.D., Th.D.
Taboo or not taboo? That is the question that both Jews and Christians must ask of their current religious sex ethic.